Tom Salvatori (Guitar Composer and Performer)

Contemporary Nylon String Guitar

Date of Birth: December 29, 1958

Record Label: Salvatori Productions, Inc., Lombard, IL 60148

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Publishing: Salvatori Productions, Inc. (ASCAP) and Les productions D’Oz, St-Romuald (Quebec), CANADA (SOCAN)

Contact phone: (312) 519-6470  

Contact e-mail: tom@tomsalvatori.com and tom@salvatoriproductions.com


Tom Salvatori composes a deeply personal and intimate style of instrumental Nylon String Guitar music, which is quiet and soothing and helps people relax at the end of the day. Adults and children both listen to and enjoy his music during their quiet time or while they fall asleep at night. Most of Salvatori's music comes out sounding like quiet lullabies; probably because his favorite time to play and to compose is during the late night! 


Tom was a First Place Winner of the Illinois Music Association Senior Open in 1973 in the Classical Guitar competition at the age of 15 under the direction of his high school music teacher, Duane Tutaj. Salvatori exhibited a mature strength in restraint in his performance of the Villa Lobos set piece, Prelude #3. Tom continued Classical Guitar studies while in college (Marquette University) with Ray Mueller, head of the Milwaukee Classical Guitar Society.  


Since college, Tom has chosen a musical path of composing his own uniquely styled works for the contemporary Nylon String Guitar rather than one of stage performance and the study of the works of the Masters.  


Published by Les Productions D’Oz (CANADA) in 2004, Salvatori hopes to share his sheet music book of eleven Guitar solos with guitarists after they come home from playing their concerts: “I don’t aim to compete with the masters and their virtuoso efforts from the concert stage. Rather, I’d love for my work to be thought of as a resource for quiet enjoyment...a respite at the end of a busy day. I would be most fulfilled, as a composer, if my work could be enjoyed in an intimate, one-on-one relationship with other players (and fans)…at home, when they decide to reach for just the right music to help them (and their loved ones) relax.” 


Salvatori's CDs are currently released independently through Salvatori Productions, Inc. record label. Eleven titles are available (see CDs tab): Under Cover of Darkness (1995); Invoking the Veiled Reference (1997); Whispering for Your Attention (1998); Late Night Guitar (2002); When Evening Falls (2007); Tu Sei Bella Aci Catena (EP) (2009); Ever Ever On 2-CD set (2010); On the Quiet Side of the Guitar (2012), A Year in the Life (2013), Sketches (2015) and Parlour Favorites (2016). CDs and/or mp3 downloads are available through CDBaby.com, iTunes.com and Amazon.com. Salvatori’s work can also be heard on Pandora Radio, Spotify, Google Play, Apple Radio and Rhapsody internet radio.  


Both Late Night Guitar and When Evening Falls made their debut at #2 on the NAR Top 100 Radio Play Charts, with each continuing to hold top radio play honors through the end of their release years. Late Night Guitar was named Winner of a 2002 Children's Music Web Award in the Classic Recording for Children category. When Evening Falls was named Winner of the 2007 NAR Lifestyle Music Award as Best Neo-Classical Album of 2007 and was featured in several Top 10-Best of 2007 lists of prominent music reviewers in the contemporary instrumental music category.