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TOM SALVATORI: Lost Time in Mission Bay (EP) 
New Release! November 19, 2019



Parlour Favorites CD


Sketches CD - 2015 (c) Tom Salvatori, ASCAP


A Year in the Life CD

For "A Year in the Life" CD - Visit: 


2010 2-CD Release - Tom Salvatori and Iris Litchfield


2007 CD Release - Tom Salvatori and Iris Litchfield 


2009 CD EP Release (c) Tom Salvatori, ASCAP


Horizons (Hackett) 2014 (c) Tom Salvatori, ASCAP


Yesterday (Single) (c) 2015 Tom Salvatori, ASCAP


Hope for the Future (McCartney) (c) 2014 Tom Salvatori, ASCAP


2012 CD Release (c) Tom Salvatori, ASCAP


2002 CD Release - Tom Salvatori


1998 CD Release - Tom Salvatori


1997 CD Release - Tom Salvatori


Under Cover of Darkness CD


Late Night Sheet Music Book

 For "Late Night Sheet Music Book" Visit: