I Like Beer EP

Tom Salvatori

Admittedly, the music featured on this little EP may never bounce off the walls of Carnegie Hall, but the point is obvious; as a matter of fact, I like beer. And like Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh, if pressed, I too would proclaim my love for beer in front of a Senate Judiciary Committee. Being that I’m not a judge or hold out any hope for an appointment to the Supreme Court, my affirmation proclamation turned to my classical guitar and an advertising jingle that loomed large in the early 1970’s and has been stuck in my head as an earworm ever since.

Ironically, I attended Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI during my formative drinking years, and became fiercely loyal to Miller High Life. Miller was produced in a local brewery three miles West of Marquette and their ‘beer tasting’ brewery tours were compellingly persuasive, so I abridged my collegiate studies to weave a love for Miller Beer into the fabric of my life.

And apparently, the jingle worked its magic too. True story: I whistle that melody every time I walk into the Beer Cooler at the local liquor store. So, when I chose to pay my guitar respects to the beverage and the brand I love, I started and ended the project with a Miller beer and due reverence.

And just as a having a couple Miller beers can provide a special comfort when it’s time to relax, this project, which was light and very fun indeed, served as a musical elixir of sorts to help balance the darker, spiraling abyss of immersion I experienced during my Alice Cooper ‘Ballad of Dwight Fry Suite’ project.

Quietly Enjoy and…Cheers!

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