The Four Seasons of Suites Collection - Solo Nylon String Guitar

A collection of my original solo nylon string guitar suites, composed to evoke the nature and sentiment of each of the four seasons

1. Springtime Suite in E Minor (2013) - A season of April showers and May flowers... 

  • i. Impressions of Satie - a nod to the half-step minimalism of French composer Erik Satie (born in May) 
  • ii. Yes Riffin’ - a nod to Steve Howe of the progressive rock band YES; one of my favorite guitarists (born in April) 
  • iii. Turtle Crawl - the fingerings utilized to play this piece literally make my hand look like a turtle crawling up and down the neck of the guitar 
  • iv. Sad Ending - there are many things in life that we start with unbridled enthusiasm and optimism without any consideration to how they may end. This piece acts as a simple reminder to always add an exit strategy to your plan; preferably one that doesn’t burn bridges 

2. Summer Suitino in G Major (2016) - We live life to its fullest during the warm summer months; especially those of us who hibernate in the cold Winter months! 

  • i. Optimistic Thoughts 
  • ii. On the Boulevard of Hopes and Dreams 
  • iii. What’s Left is Threadbare 

3. Autumn Suitino in A Minor (2019) - Fall is a great season for personal reflection... 

  • i. Unaccompanied 
  • ii. Unadorned 
  • iii. Unencumbered 

4. Winter Suitino for Seasons Greetings (2013) 

  • i. Almost Christmas - An understated medley of Christmas Carols gently woven into an original composition. Listen closely and you'll hear: snippets of Good King Wenceslas, O Tannenbaum and Deck the Halls 
  • ii. New Year’s Eve, Turning into New Year’s Day - A solo nylon string guitar instrumental version as a ‘prequel’ of a song called “New Year’s Eve, Turning into New Year’s Day”…which is a full-on They Might Be Giant’s-inspired rollicking rock-based party song (yes, music and lyrics) which is ready, willing and awaiting the right rock band to step up and record it! 

Quietly Enjoy! 

Tom Salvatori 

August, 2023

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