"ON THE QUIET SIDE OF THE GUITAR" - Solo Classical Nylon String Guitar Show

Now available for booking small, intimate venues and home concerts. Presenting a 2-3 set introspective show entitled "On the Quiet Side of the Guitar" featuring highlights from Tom's portfolio of original compositions for Solo Guitar. Performance of this show creates a wonderfully relaxing environment, and is perfect for events like: 

- Sophisticated (quiet) venues
- Wine Tastings, Wineries
- Art Galleries
- Coffee shops
- Home Concerts
- Retirement Communities
- Wedding/Cocktail Hours
- Outdoor festival/gatherings
- Parlor/Patio concerts



If the booking venue is appropriate for UNAMPLIFIED Guitar, Tom is pleased to perform on his 1972 Hernandis Grade #1 Classical Guitar. This is Tom's primary Guitar, and every piece of music he's ever composed was written and recorded with this Guitar. Unamplified Guitar works best in an acoustic environment where your audience is prepared to intently listen to the very understated, often muted colours and nuances of a classical guitar. This can be an especially magical and intimate experience and certainly works best indoors with an audience prepared...for NO idle chit-chat, chomping, chewing, clanking, chugging, clicking, cellphones...etc. etc....you get the idea. The operative phrase here is "intently listen." 

If the event booking is more appropriate for AMPLIFIED Guitar (which most seem to be these days!), Tom is pleased to perform on his GODIN Multiac Grand Concert Duet SG Classical Guitar, which sounds quite natural amplified through his Johnson amp or house PA.

Booking/Contact information: 312-519-6470 (cell)

tom@tomsalvatori.com (email)