Respite Guitar

Tom Salvatori

Escape the rattle and hum of your day and disappear with me into the warm and beautiful tones of quiet and pleasant solo guitar featured in the natural surroundings of the morning meadow, by the seaside and in an outdoor field in the evening. Literally :) We've recorded my new guitar pieces as solo guitar works as usual, but after the 7 new tracks are featured, you'll notice a track 8 on this release. It places my new 7 pieces in Natural settings.

So enjoy these new pieces as solo guitar work and then also, as a special bonus, please enjoy them featured in natural settings in track 8!

Track 8 starts out a little dramatic...New York Minutes is placed in the unsettling urban soundscape of the New York City streets, but soon an escape is executed and the rest of the pieces on this album are featured in various natural outdoor settings, making for a very pleasant "escape from New York" :) Quietly enjoy!


Have you ever just slipped away – alone – for a special “mental health” day…just you…from dawn to dusk…to breathe in the beauty of nature…to think…to ponder…to ruminate and to recover??

Well, we now have a soundtrack for your special day :)

Follow along as Polly Feeney, our protagonist, navigates her journey, starting with an early morning escape through her unsettling urban cityside clamor, rattle and hum…


…she clears the turnstiles to initiate her getaway from New York via the subway; and finds herself outside the city, embracing a reconnection with beauty of nature as she strolls through a fragrant and flowery green meadow…


…serenaded by the positive energy of bird calls under the watchful warmth of a sun-drenched morning on her way to a seaside retreat.

Once through the meadow and approaching the solitude of the waves lapping at the shoreline, Polly finally stops to relax on the unpopulated beach, enjoying the opportunity to breathe deeply and think clearly again.


She walks along at the side of the sea, which offers ample time and space to ponder life; and to reminisce about events in her life that have mattered most to her…


…along with ruminating about the deeper remembrance of the dear loved ones who have played key roles in her life…cherishing and celebrating each memory.


Polly, continuing in the solitude of her walk, eventually comes across a beach area filled with families and children playing in the sand and sea, which enables her to embrace the positivity of family togetherness and love and allows her to recount a series of affirmations about her own life and plans for her future.


Then, as the day begins to wind down and the sun plans it setting as evening falls, she departs the seaside for the peaceful warmth of a small outdoor cafe nestled in an open field where the nighttime sounds are teeming with life…


…where she sits back to relax and recover…in the quiet of the night while enjoying a superb glass of wine.

Salute, Polly!

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I Like Beer EP

Tom Salvatori

Admittedly, the music featured on this little EP may never bounce off the walls of Carnegie Hall, but the point is obvious; as a matter of fact, I like beer. And like Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh, if pressed, I too would proclaim my love for beer in front of a Senate Judiciary Committee. Being that I’m not a judge or hold out any hope for an appointment to the Supreme Court, my affirmation proclamation turned to my classical guitar and an advertising jingle that loomed large in the early 1970’s and has been stuck in my head as an earworm ever since.

Ironically, I attended Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI during my formative drinking years, and became fiercely loyal to Miller High Life. Miller was produced in a local brewery three miles West of Marquette and their ‘beer tasting’ brewery tours were compellingly persuasive, so I abridged my collegiate studies to weave a love for Miller Beer into the fabric of my life.

And apparently, the jingle worked its magic too. True story: I whistle that melody every time I walk into the Beer Cooler at the local liquor store. So, when I chose to pay my guitar respects to the beverage and the brand I love, I started and ended the project with a Miller beer and due reverence.

And just as a having a couple Miller beers can provide a special comfort when it’s time to relax, this project, which was light and very fun indeed, served as a musical elixir of sorts to help balance the darker, spiraling abyss of immersion I experienced during my Alice Cooper ‘Ballad of Dwight Fry Suite’ project.

Quietly Enjoy and…Cheers!

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Ballad of Dwight Fry Suite (Arr. for Nylon String Guitars) Second Coming / Ballad of Dwight Fry / Sun Arise

Ballad of Dwight Fry Suite (Arr. for Nylon String Guitars)

Second Coming / Ballad of Dwight Fry / Sun Arise

Total Time: 13:29

A handful of the most impressionable pieces of music I enjoyed from my youth - from Alice Cooper's 'Love it to Death' album released in 1971. I always considered Side 2 of the album among the most expressive and wide ranging emotional rock songs at the time and ranked them in my all time favorites.

It was a real pleasure to immerse myself in this body of work over the past several months!

Project started: Nov 26, 2016 Final Mix: January 23, 2017

45 Separate Guitar Parts were recorded to compile this Suite. All Guitar parts and all percussive effects were recorded on my 1972 Hernandis Grade #1 Classical Guitar (which I love to say worked out to be the perfect 'period instrument' for the performance of this suite!)

Actually I must say things got a little creepy late at night trying to musically interpret a little girl's voicing of concern over her father's bout with insanity "Mommy, where's Daddy? He's been gone for so long..." and then again trying to make musical sense out of Alice himself going insane in the Ballad of Dwight Fry...repeatedly screaming "I gotta get out of here." So what started out as a fun idea turned into a lot of hard work just to musically interpret spoken word and screaming; not to mention the perfectly 'out of tune' guitar solo by Glen Buxton which is still, 46 years later, soooo fittingly uncomfortable; so wrong but soooo right, especially when the protagonist of the song (lead singer Alice Cooper), suffering from the nausea of insanity, was musically fitted for a straight jacket and dragged into the residency of an insane asylum.

Salute to Alice Cooper and a tip of the top hat to him and his band with this one. I hope you not only enjoy discovering this piece as an instrumental, but if you're not familiar with the original work, please do seek it out. The songs are iconic and rate as highly recommended on my list of favorites. Thanks for listening!!

  • Tom, 1/26/2017
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