From the recording Ever Ever On

<p>This track is featured on 'Ever Ever On'</p>
<p>Mike (brother and producer) once mentioned that to me that&nbsp;John Catching's&nbsp;arrangement on Labyrinth II (When Evening Falls) 'made his teeth hurt.' Well, when I played this one for him, he looked ready to toss his cookies...I found him in the corner of the studio, curled up in the fetal position, trying to tear his ears to shreds. Just kidding :)&nbsp;<br /><br />John's trio of cellos does work with this piece!&nbsp; Just what the doctor ordered.&nbsp;Sure, you&nbsp;can go to bed tonight...but I dare&nbsp;you to listen to this piece with your eyes closed!<br /><br />Let Iris have her pretty world. I want to keep them guessing for centuries! <br /><br />HOO HA AHAHAHHOOHAAAA!!!!!!!!</p>