From the recording Parlour Favorites

This track is featured on 'Parlour Favorites'

Soooooo excited to announce my new solo nylon string guitar album release 'Parlour Favorites' - featuring my new compositions, but - even more interestingly and challengingly - I perform a small handful of works by my favorite and what I consider my most influential artists...Jan Akkerman of Focus, Robert Fripp of King Crimson, Steve Hackett of Genesis and last but not least, Steve Howe of YES. I've been shying away from recording my "The Ancient - Mood for a Day" medley for well over 4 decades because of its difficulty level, but I have now slayed that dragon! Coming in at 6:37 it is the final track on this album and I'm falling all over myself to call it EPIC, but I won't...let's just say at the very least I am pleased with it, which is saying a lot!! It is now available for Yes fans to pour over, comment and scrutinize, and for me a great relief to finally have it out there. Quietly Enjoy!!