Rampant Tom-isms

Well, here is my little corner of the world wherein I'll randomly add thoughts , opinions and writings from time to time ...about music, the music industry and life... thoughts and opinions that mean everything and nothing at the same time...enjoy!


Liner Notes from 2015's Sketches Album Release

Let’s hear it for the underdog, for the second string, for the runner-up, and for all of the creative works in this world that wind up sliced, diced and edited out.  

So therein lies the theme of this album...it’s a…

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Needle Drop Central - Episode 1

I have now officially organized my collection of 300 prog rock albums from the 1970’s and will be basking in the joy of two full LP album needle drops (that’s 4 albums sides...so I’ll be getting my exercise) on my…

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Ahhh The Glory in Family Music Reviews


The best way to get a real kick to the gut is to ask your family members to listen to your music and to please render an opinion. Remember, these are the people who have seen you in your underwear…

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The Purity of Instrumental Music


I've often felt that the best way to devalue a piece of music is to take pen to paper and start writing lyrics...and then, even worse, open your mouth and start singing! In most cases, (to me) adding lyrics is…

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From the Friendly Confines of the Guitar


It was my Mom who taught me that a great path to happiness in life is to bloom where you’re planted...to find your peace there...to stay within the friendly confines. It works for our lovable Chicago Cubs, and yet the…

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