Ballad of Dwight Fry Suite (Arr. for Nylon String Guitars) Second Coming / Ballad of Dwight Fry / Sun Arise

Ballad of Dwight Fry Suite (Arr. for Nylon String Guitars)

Second Coming / Ballad of Dwight Fry / Sun Arise

Total Time: 13:29

A handful of the most impressionable pieces of music I enjoyed from my youth - from Alice Cooper's 'Love it to Death' album released in 1971. I always considered Side 2 of the album among the most expressive and wide ranging emotional rock songs at the time and ranked them in my all time favorites.

It was a real pleasure to immerse myself in this body of work over the past several months!

Project started: Nov 26, 2016 Final Mix: January 23, 2017

45 Separate Guitar Parts were recorded to compile this Suite. All Guitar parts and all percussive effects were recorded on my 1972 Hernandis Grade #1 Classical Guitar (which I love to say worked out to be the perfect 'period instrument' for the performance of this suite!)

Actually I must say things got a little creepy late at night trying to musically interpret a little girl's voicing of concern over her father's bout with insanity "Mommy, where's Daddy? He's been gone for so long..." and then again trying to make musical sense out of Alice himself going insane in the Ballad of Dwight Fry...repeatedly screaming "I gotta get out of here." So what started out as a fun idea turned into a lot of hard work just to musically interpret spoken word and screaming; not to mention the perfectly 'out of tune' guitar solo by Glen Buxton which is still, 46 years later, soooo fittingly uncomfortable; so wrong but soooo right, especially when the protagonist of the song (lead singer Alice Cooper), suffering from the nausea of insanity, was musically fitted for a straight jacket and dragged into the residency of an insane asylum.

Salute to Alice Cooper and a tip of the top hat to him and his band with this one. I hope you not only enjoy discovering this piece as an instrumental, but if you're not familiar with the original work, please do seek it out. The songs are iconic and rate as highly recommended on my list of favorites. Thanks for listening!!

  • Tom, 1/26/2017
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The Ancient - Mood for a Day (Howe)

This track is featured on 'Parlour Favorites'

Soooooo excited to announce my new solo nylon string guitar album release 'Parlour Favorites' - featuring my new compositions, but - even more interestingly and challengingly - I perform a small handful of works by my favorite and what I consider my most influential artists...Jan Akkerman of Focus, Robert Fripp of King Crimson, Steve Hackett of Genesis and last but not least, Steve Howe of YES. I've been shying away from recording my "The Ancient - Mood for a Day" medley for well over 4 decades because of its difficulty level, but I have now slayed that dragon! Coming in at 6:37 it is the final track on this album and I'm falling all over myself to call it EPIC, but I won't...let's just say at the very least I am pleased with it, which is saying a lot!! It is now available for Yes fans to pour over, comment and scrutinize, and for me a great relief to finally have it out there. Quietly Enjoy!!

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Head Fake, Low Shot - Guitar, Solo

This track is featured on 'A Year in the Life'

'Head Fake, Low Shot' was composed during the Stanley Cup Finals in June, 2010, and named in tribute to my favorite hockey team, the Chicago Blackhawks, and to memorialize Patrick Kane's slight of hand and mind as he wove the magic web of success by scoring the most memorable Cup-winning goals ever against Philadelphia.

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