ARCHIVE DIVE #2 - Home (Is Where I Want to Be) - The 1977 Single Release that Never Was :)

Home (Is Where I Want to Be) - Tom Salvatori...the 1977 single release that never was :)

Here's a fun video to addition to the 1974 reel-to-reel tape found in that old box of sheet music, there was also a dusty, warbly old 8-track tape. I converted it as best I could to digital. It was a copy of an old demo Mike and I produced in his new basement studio during a weekend visit home from college in the Fall of 1977. It was after Apocalypse (1976-77) disbanded and before Mike and I started working on his "Waiting for Autumn" (1982) album. I had been working on a solo guitar piece called "Some of Yesterday" and we wrote lyrics to it and recorded "Home" as a demo to help break in the new studio equipment. "Some of Yesterday" went on to become a fully developed solo nylon string guitar piece that I eventually released on "Invoking the Veiled Reference" (1997). 

This early version was a fun weekend recording project that never went anywhere (besides the bottom of a box of sheet music for 46 years)! I played the nylon string guitar...Mike sang the harmony vocals, played drums and the keyboard part. He also added a signature Mike Salvatori electric guitar solo as well! 


Tom Salvatori 

August 2023

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